Life lately

Hi there,

2017 is gradually coming to an end. I’m having mixed feelings as I feel I’ve not really achieved much but then I’m grateful to God that I am not where I was at the beginning of the year.

I’ve always thought Lagos was the best place to live in Nigeria, I was even convinced when I moved to the South for the compulsory N.Y.S.C. scheme (story for another day). But now, I’m starting to face the reality that I was not born to stress myself. *smiles*. The past few weeks have been treacherous as I spend not less than 3 hours in traffic on a daily basis. For some reasons I still don’t understand, trailers have turned the Eko bridge to their parking lot thereby making commuters have access to just one lane (imagine the influx of people that go to the Island for work and business purposes). I really wish I could go on a vacation but then I’ve already gone on my annual leave.

Learning a craft has always been on my mind and I think it’s time I take a step. I don’t mind learning make-up, how to sew and wig making. I feel this will help to ease off the stress from work and daily hustle and bustle.

I hope to get enough ginger to post frequently ‘cos your girl can be lazy sometimes. Till then, keep doing you and learn to live life one day at a time.




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